Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gross Miscarriage of Justice in Chhattisgarh

This outrage happens in India, a democracy. Will the courts of this country please stand up and correct this gross injustice?

The piece below is from Sadanand Patwardhan's blogpost:

Raipur : Free Run for An Absconder.

Dantewada : Accused roam freely, Victims in custody”,covered the drama of an accused and Salwa Judumleader, Soyam Mukka, freely moving around in Dantewada on 6th January 2009 right in the presence of police. Soyam Mukka was one of the four leaders who were leading a group of Salwa Judum cadres reconstituted under the banner of Ma Danteshwari Swabhimani Adivasi Manch (MDSAM). This brand new outfit was formed only a month earlier with the specific intent of targeting Vanvasi Chetna Ashram, who had organized a peace march starting on 14thDecember that would have passed through some two dozen odd villages that had been plundered and burned by Salwa Judum. The purpose of the foot march was toinstill confidence among the terrified tribal residents who had run away into the nearby forests & were hiding there, and to encourage them to return to their villages and lands. MDSAM has now metamorphosed into a platform to take on activists, researchers, academics, scholars and journalists who want to visit Bastar division of Chhattisgarh State for a fact finding mission in the wake of ‘Operation Green Hunt’.

Soyam Mukka has been declared on 10th December, around the time MDSAM was formed, an absconder and a non-bailable arrest warrant has been issued for him by Shri Sharad Gupta, Sessions Court Judge – South Bastar, Dantewada. Ironically, not only he was allowed to lead the mob that pelted eggs, muck and tomatoes on the activists lead by Medha Patkar & Sandeep Pande at Dantewada, but he seems to roam around freely even in the state capital Raipur. In fact, he was at the press conference on 16th January 2010 in the Raipur Press Club that was also addressed by his colleagues Chhavindra Karma, Chaitram Atami and Sukhdev Tati.

The police are supposed to execute the arrest warrant and to arraign the accused before the court, but in Chhattisgarh, police appear to be protecting the absconders and accused at the direction of highest levels in administration. In the above photograph a youth in civies with a gun is clearly seen behind Chhavindra Karma, son offounder of Salwa Judum and Congress leader (ex-CPI) Mahendra KarmaWho is he? - Police in plain clothes, Special Police Officer, or a Salwa Judum vigilante. When a person who is to be arrested as per law and produced before court gets police protection to roam freely; Isn't it a breakdown of constitutional machinery in the state

Monday, February 1, 2010

FAMINE, WAR, GENOCIDE and INDIA: Dr. Binayak Sen on Malnutrition- India's Biggest Problem

Dr. Binayak Sen in this speech given at the Tata Insititue of Social Sciences, Mumbai India, on December 14, 2009, talks about a shocking truth about India. 33% of Adult Indians are Malnutritioned. 43% of Children in India are malnutritioned. In the Scheduled Tribes more than 50% people are malnutritioned. Among Scheduled Castes more than 60% people are malnutritioned. World Health Organisation declares that in a community if more than 40% people are malnutritioned that community can be called as one in a state of Famine. The worst thing is that the 33% have been in a chronic state of famine since decades and will continue to do so if we do not do something about it urgently. Dr. Binayak Sen talks about the relation between Famine, War and Genocide in India, something that is applicable to most of the third world countries and conflict zones across our planet.

India is thus actually in a state of emergency and Famine of magnanimous proportions. It is something that should take precedence over any other matter.

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