Friday, September 4, 2009

I'll Wait For Thee, At The Edge Of Eternity

At the far edge of the known universe,
floating through the abyss between death and illusion
traversing the fertile land between morality and happiness
in the silence that separates truth and faith
tiptoeing over the blade that cuts cruelty from compassion
far from the reach of sin or even god
in that heaven between night and day
in the oasis betwixt lust and sorrow
guided by the candle that flickers between life and death
I shall wait for thee my beloved.

But travel light my love
empty your heart, your mind, your soul
Take my hand and we shall walk close
Fill the treasure of our hearts
with pearls from this depth-less sea
Colour our soul with rainbows
etched on a sky without eternity
Stimulate our minds with sights
over a landscapes built by beauty.

Come alone my dear there
Carry none of your precious illusions:
the truth of your daily fears
the breathing mask of your loves seclusion
the lust for truth flowing through your veins
the ideology that sustain your brain.

But do be there fast my sweets
For eternity has an end
Beauty has its ugliness
Infinite passion turns to depression
For the one who has not his lover
to the one whose love is lost.

Hurry and come to me my ray
We'll build our hut out in this melee
And here my sweet innocent love
forever we shall dance our dance of eternity.


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