Saturday, December 12, 2009

Teen Deviyan (Three Goddesses)

In a nation where its two most powerful people are two women; constitutionally President Pratibha Patil - the commander-in-chief of our armed forces, and politically Sonia Gandhi - the commander-in-chief of all politics in the country, it's a shame that this is happening to a woman and both these two respectable women choose to do nothing even as they grant statehood to a demagogue fasting only for 10 days. Also Madam President being the supreme commander of the armed forces, is directly responsible for all the atrocities committed by the forces she commands on its own people.

Please repel the draconian AFSPA and let the morality of Irom Sharmila, and thus the conscience of the nation, live.

Read and then sign the Petition Here:

To know more about her, read this evocative piece by Shoma Chaudhury in Tehelka:


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